Argos set to run ads on Metaverse billboards... and real ones

Tim Green

UK retailer Argos has placed a big bet on Metaverse advertising in a bid to make consumers think of the store as a premium destination.

The company has teamed up with Ocean Outdoor and LandVault to launch what it calls the 'world’s first Web 3 metaverse DOOH package'.

The dual world campaign has already appeared at a physical locations – the Holland Park Roundabout in London and roadside locations in Birmingham and Manchester. However, it is also running at 45 digital billboards in Decentraland and Somnium Space and Ocean’s three NFT sites – the Loop, Holland Park Roundabout and the Four Dials Westfield Stratford City.

Argos says the aim of the campaign is to shift the public's conception of the store as a more upmarket destination.

Argo's campaign manager Becky Desert said: “This campaign is part of a reappraisal strategy for Argos where we hope to drive consideration and awareness of more premium products and brands that some people don’t think of Argos for.

“Part of changing shoppers’ minds is about what we say but it’s also important that we show up in new, interesting and relevant contexts. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to appear in the metaverse, particularly for this campaign that is centred around desirable tech.”

Argos's technical partners LandVault and Ocean say their programmatic infrastructure can help brands to target audiences using tools they know and understand.

LandVault offers an end to end infrastructure for brands entering the metaverse, from land management to creative capabilities and monetization tools.